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Have questions? Feel free to call, email, or write me. I'll be happy to discuss any Works with you.

Here’s some information you may want to have in mind before contacting me:

for CustomWorks . . .

        Do you have specific materials (photos, fabric, antiques, etc.) or location that must be included?

        Some custom projects require my presence. Do you live in the New York Metro area?

        Do you have a specific deadline, or are you flexible for a finish date?

for GiftWorks . . .

       Some extras of these works are readily available from my Studio cache. Others can be produced again, but will require more time. Your requested quantities and need-by date would be a deciding factor.

for PersonalWorks . . .

      My Studio Gallery sheet lists all the online collection, additional information about them, which pieces may be purchased, and the prices. Ask, and I will be happy to send/email it to you.

studio telephone & voice mail: 908.754.3034

veronica buffington studio

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