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finding frames . . .

A space where I collect small bits of information and observations I want to remember about art, framing, artshows, and other creative stuff.  I’m happy to share these with you -- whether you are also an artist, an appreciator, or are just interested. (I'll be periodically adding to my journal, so feel free to stop back again to see more entries.)

To find ready-made standard-sized frames, I go in person to craft stores, such as A.C. Moore, Michaels, or JoAnn (online they’re,, and or art supply stores, such as Jerry’s Artist Outlet or Blick (online I can find them at and I almost always have an idea of what I am looking for.

Since the size and shape of an art piece is up to the “artist” (me), my art is not always “standard-sized”. Sometimes I will make a mat to fit the art into a standard-sized frame. and the effect may be just right. If the effect will not look good, I decide the frame must be custom-made commercially, or by me in my workshop to the size I decide.

hanging framed art . . .

Using 2 nails (separated by more than 3 inches) instead of just one to hang a picture, will make it easier to keep the picture level and unmoving.

choosing the type of frame . . .

After working many years with my framing mentor, Lisalotte Meurer, I learned that when considering a frame, 2/3  of the design should be determined by the art itself, and 1/3 determined by where it’s going (room style, wall color, space shape, etc.).

When in doubt, go 100% according to the art.

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